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give the cause of lanthanide contraction.


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The long form of the periodic table is a tabular arrangement of all known elements. Here the elements are arranged in increasing order of their atomic number. On the basis of valence shell electronic configuration, the periodic table can be classified as s, p, d and f-block elements. The d-block elements are also called as transition elements as they can show variable oxidation state.

Step 2

The f-block elements are also called as inner transition elements as here 4f and 5f orbitals are incompletely filled. These elements are placed at the bottom of main body of periodic table as two series of 14 elements. First series of 14 elements is called as Lanthanide and second series is called as Actinides.

Step 3

Lanthanide elements start from Ce (58) to Lu (71). Here electrons fill in 4f orbitals whereas 5d and 6s orbitals have cert...

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