Give the number of atoms of the specified element in the formula unit of the following compound and calculate the molecular (formula) mass: oxygen in the mineral leadhillite, 


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Q: What kind of mixture is cupronickel

A: The given mixture is cupronickel. Cupronickel or copper-nickel (CuNi) is an alloy of copper contains...

Q: hydroxide Express your answer as a chemical formula.

A: Hydroxide is an anion.

Q: When 47.9 J of heat is added to 13.8 g of a liquid, its temperature rises by 1.70 ∘C. What is the he...

A: Given,Heat (Q) = 47.9 JMass (m) of liquid = 13.8 gRise in temperature (△T) = 1.70 oC

Q: Be sure to answer all parts.Write the overall, balanced molecular equation and indicate which elemen...

A: The overall and balanced molecular equation of the given reaction is as follows:

Q: How do you find Significant Figures?

A: Significant figures: The digits having a meaning in a given number are called as significant figures...

Q: 1.10 ments:(a) čestu (d) strontium, (e) uranium, (f) selenium, (g) neon, (h) cadmium. (See Table 1.1...

A: Hey, since there are multiple questions posted, we will answer first question. If you want any speci...

Q: The liquid 2-chlorotoluene has a density of 1.08g/mL at 20 °C. If a sample of this liquid at 20 °C h...

A: Given,Density= 1.08g/mL volume = 2.31 L

Q: A sample of vegetable oil with density 911 kg/m3911 kg/m3 is found to have a mass of 34.3 g.34.3 g. ...

A: The relation between density and volume is given by

Q: 4. What alkenes might be formed by the dehydration of the following alcohols? If more than one produ...

A: The reactions mentioned are dehydration reactions. The OH group is eliminated along with H atom from...