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Give the oxidation numbers for the specified atoms in the following molecules and ions.
(a) Mg3N2   N:

(b) CaC2    C:

(c) ZnO22−   O: 

(d) NaBH4   B:

(e) C2O42−   C:

(f) WO42−    W:


Expert Answer

Step 1


N: Assume that the oxidation state of N = x

Oxidation sate of Mg = +2


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3(+2)2x- 0 2x -6 x-6/2 =-3 Oxidation state of Nin Mg ,N, = -3

Step 2


C: Assume that the oxidation state of C = x

Oxidation sate of Ca = +2


Image Transcriptionclose

1(+2)2x0 2x -2 x=-2/2 = -1 Oxidation state of Cin CaC = -1

Step 3


O: Assume that the oxidation state of O = x



Image Transcriptionclose

2 2 x-2 2x-2-2 x-2 Oxidation state of Oin ZnO=-2


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