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  • Given a mass of 0.124 grams of oleic acid in a 10 mL oleic acid/pentane solution,what mass of oleic acid is present if 1 mL of this solution is transferred to a newtest tube and diluted to 10 mL


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Step 1

First the concentration of solution made by us...

0.124 g
0.124 g
282.47 g/mol
=4.4x104 moles
Volume 10 mL
= 0.01L
Molarity 4.4x10 moles
0.01 L
0.044 M

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Given: 0.124 g Mass 0.124 g 282.47 g/mol =4.4x104 moles Moles Volume 10 mL = 0.01L Molarity 4.4x10 moles 0.01 L 0.044 M


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