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Given a nested list named table, use a loop to print each sub list of the nested list. The sub lists should be on their own line. 

This is for python 


Expert Answer

Step 1

Program description

  • One 3 x3 list is created to demonstrate the concept
  • display the elements of the sublists in the same line
  • two for loops are used to print the sublists
  • special print command option used to enable printing all elements of a sublist in the same line
Step 2

Python Program

#3 by 3 list

table =[[10,9,8],[7,6,5],[4,3,2]]

#find the length of the list

length = len(table)

i = 0

#iterate over the elements of the list to print

#the elements all sub list elements in the same line

for a in table:

    l = len(a)

    for i in range(l):

        print(a[i],end =' ')

    print(' ')

Step 3

Program image


Image Transcriptionclose

#3 by 3 List 2 table -[[10,9, 8], [7,6,5], [4,3,2]] #find the length of the list 4 length = len (table ) i - e 6 #iterate over the elements of the list to print #the elements all sub list el ements in the same Line for a in table: 1 - len(a) for i in range(1) : 1 3 5 7 10 print(a[i],end 11 print ' 12


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