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Given that the individual has a dominant phenotype, is it possible to determine its genotype?


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Step 1

The allele combinations of a gene present in an organism determine the genotype and phenotype. The genotype is the specific allele combination of a gene and the physical manifestation of the genotype known as the phenotype. An organism with two copies of same dominant alleles is homozygous dominant, and the organism with two copies of same recessive alleles is homozygous recessive. Heterozygous genotype consists of two different alleles of a gene.

Step 2

Testcross can be used to determine the genotype of an individual that has a dominant phenotype. The cross is made with homozygous recessive genotype. Testcross has two parents, where one parent is a true-breeding homozygous recessive individual, and the other parent has an unknown genotype but expresses a dominant tr...

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