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      Given the following information, calculate p-value and decide whether to the null hypothesis would be rejected at α=0.05. Assume conditions have been met. (show the work please)


  1.  n = 135, T = 4.32, HA:μ≠0.5

  2. n = 9, T = -1.67, HA:μ<0.3

  3. n = 24, T = -5.64, HA:μ>0.2


Expert Answer

Step 1


Given Information:


Image Transcriptionclose

a 0.05 n 135 T 4.32

Step 2

The hypothesis is as:


Image Transcriptionclose

Н. : д-0.5 Н. : д20.5

Step 3

This is two tailed tail test and it is t-distribution.

Degree of freedom = n-1



We know that if the p-value is less than significance level then we reject the null hypothesis and accept the alternative hypothesis, and if the p-value is...

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