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Graph the given equation. First plot the solutions of the equation for the given values of x, and then connect the points with a smooth graph.

y  =  −x2 + 2x + 3
x  =  −2, −1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

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Step 1



y x23

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y x23

Step 2

Now calculating the values of y for ...

When x 2 y-(-2) +2(-2)+3 =-5
When x -1 y(-1)+2(-1)+3 0
When x 0, y(0)' +2(0)+3=3
When x 1, y(1) +2(1)+3= 4
When x 2, y(2) +2(2)+3=3
When x 3, y-(3)' +2(3)+3= 0
When x 4, y(4)+2(4)+3=-5

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When x 2 y-(-2) +2(-2)+3 =-5 When x -1 y(-1)+2(-1)+3 0 When x 0, y(0)' +2(0)+3=3 When x 1, y(1) +2(1)+3= 4 When x 2, y(2) +2(2)+3=3 When x 3, y-(3)' +2(3)+3= 0 When x 4, y(4)+2(4)+3=-5


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