The figure below provides steady-state data for a throttling valve in series with a heat exchanger. Saturated liquid Refrigerant 134a enters the valve at a pressure of 9 bar and is throttled to a pressure of p2 = 2 bar. The refrigerant then enters the heat exchanger, exiting at a temperature of 10°C with no significant decrease in pressure. In a separate stream, liquid water at 1 bar enters the heat exchanger at a temperature of 25°C with a mass flow rate of m˙4= 4 kg/s and exits at 1 bar as liquid at a temperature of 15°C. Stray heat transfer and kinetic and potential energy effects can be ignored.



(a) the temperature, in °C, of the refrigerant at the exit of the valve.

(b) the mass flow rate of the refrigerant, in kg/s.

Heat exchanger
P3= P2
T3= 10°C
liquid R-134a
at pi 9 bar
Ts 15°C
Ps P4
T4 25°C
P4=1 bar

Image Transcription

Heat exchanger 1 2 3 P3= P2 T3= 10°C Saturated + P2 liquid R-134a at pi 9 bar Valve 5 4 Ts 15°C Water Ps P4 T4 25°C P4=1 bar

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