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Hi, how would I go about solving this problem and what would the solution be?


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Step 1

Step 2

Plot the points (0, 24), (12, 0), (0,12) and (24, 0). The commonly shaded region can be obtained by the inequality sign given.

The commonly shaded region will be surrounded by the points (1.5, 21), (21,21), (21, 1.5) and (8,8).

Step 3

After finding the feasible region, substitute the above obta...

z (1.5,21) 22.5
z(21,21) 42
z(21,1.5) 22.5

Image Transcriptionclose

z (1.5,21) 22.5 z(21,21) 42 z(21,1.5) 22.5 z(8,8)=16


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