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Determine [OH- ] in each base solution.  If the acid is weak, indicate the value that [OH- ] is less than,

a) 2.5 M KOH

b) 0.225 M Ba(OH)2

c) 1.8M C5H5N



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Step 1

The Bronsted-Lowry acid-base theory was purposed by Bronsted and Lowery is called Bronsted-Lowry acid-base theory. It states that acid can give H+ ions whereas a base can accept the  ion in its solution. Hence this theory is entirely based on the presence of H+ ion in the given substance.  It purposed the concept of conjugate acid-base pair. A Bronsted acid gives H+  ion to form conjugate base whereas a Bronsted base accepts H+ ion to form its conjugate acid.

Step 2

The equilibrium constant for acid dissociation is denoted as Ka. It represents the ratio of the equilibrium concentration of product and reactant molecule. Similarly the equilibrium constant for base dissociation is denoted as Kb. It represents the ratio of the equilibrium concentration of product and reactant molecule.

Step 3

Part (a)

KOH is a strong base and since it is a monoacidic base therefore the concentration of KOH must be the concentration of OH- ions.

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