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Hoi pa 190 is te toteod
from 9nerma
16 what is the malest Value of
thot will make the power equa to at leat 75 when
d0,10 bered
andom Sample of ae

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Hoi pa 190 is te toteod If at from 9nerma 16 what is the malest Value of thot will make the power equa to at leat 75 when d0,10 bered diste:butiin andom Sample of ae where =87


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Step 1

Step by step procedure to obtain the sample size using MINITAB software is given below:

  • Select Stat > Power and sample size > 1 sample z.
  • Enter Differences as –3, Power as 75 and Standard deviation as 16.
  • Check Options, enter Significance level as 10.
  • Choose Mean < Hypothesized mean in alternative.
  • Click OK...

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Power and Sample Size 1-Sample Z Test Testing mean null (versus < null) Calculating power for mean null + difference a 0.1 Assumed stan dard deviation 16 Results Sample Target Size Power Actual Power Difference 3 109 0.75 0.750482


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