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How do events in meiosis explain each of Mendels two laws?


How do events in meiosis explain each of Mendels two laws?


Step 1

Dear student since your question asks about Mendel’s two laws. So, I am answering your query on the basis of first and second Mendel’s law.

The question asks about the explanation for the Mendel’s two laws related to the events in meiosis.

Step 2

Meiosis is a type of cell division which produces four daughter cells that contain half of the number of chromosomes of the parent cell. This cell division helps in the formation of gametes and plant spores.

Mendel is known as the father of genetics. He postulated laws in genetics. Out of which first two laws are:

  1. Law of segregation.
  2. Law of independent assortment.
Step 3
  1. Law of segregation: This law is known as Mendel's first law. It states that the alleles of a given locus isolate into distinct gametes. Alleles get sorted independently as the gene is present on a definite chromosome.

This law is supported by the meiotic cell di...

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