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How do I determine an amino acid sequence from RNA? I know you start at AUG which is methionine which is an amino acid protein on the list. Not really sure how they get this when looking at the chart for amino acids. What would the full amino acid sequence for AUG CCC GUA UAA?


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To determine an amino acid sequence from RNA, the translation machinery makes use of the genetic code.  The genetic code is a triplet code of nucleotides, which codes for a specific amino acid of the 20 amino acids, unique to that code. The features of genetic code are that it is degenerate, unambiguous, non-overlapping, non-punctuated and universal. The genetic code was compiled by Hargobind Khorana who received a Nobel Prize for his work.

Step 2

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Each amino acid has 3 nucleotides arranged in a specific manner as shown in the table. The first amino acid is AUG which codes for Methionine, while UAA, UAG, UGA are stop codons which do not code for any amino acid.


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