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how do I find the solutions for truth tables? I don't understand what I am doing or why


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Step 1

Refer to the question,

A truth table is a tabular representation of the combination of values of input and their corresponding output . It is mainly used in computers and electronic devices to send signals . Both input ad output are in the form of True (T) and False(F). It is a logical operator and with the help of Logic gates and Boolean algebra we make Truth table.


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True (T) False (F) 0 =1

Step 2

There are several logic gates which is just like a operator between two inputs, ex OR, AND , NOT, etc.

Step 3

Now with the help of the logic gates we will construct the truth table as,

Now here p and q are the inputs and we use OR gate to get the possible output. Here &lsquo...


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pqpvq T T T T F T FT T F F F


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