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How do I get values from a dictionary into a Python code when my values are in a .txt file?


How do I get values from a dictionary into a Python code when my values are in a .txt file?

Step 1

Program instructions:

  • Initialize a dictionary variable named "dictionary" and use open() function to read the ".txt" file.
  • Use the for-each loop along with the split() method to separate the key and value, and save them in the dictionary variable "dictionary".
  • The values from the dictionary can be read by specifying the key for a particular value.
Step 2


dictionary = {}

# use the given code to get values from the file in dictionary

with open("dictionary.txt") as dict_file:

  for line in dict_file:

    (key, value) = line.split()

    dictionary[int(key)] = value

# use the following code to get the value from dictionary

  for each_val in dictionary:


Step 3



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