Asked Sep 8, 2019

how do I use my calculator to find the angle for secO=3.02. I tried 1/-cos(3.02) and it gave me an error. What am i doing wrong? 


Expert Answer

Step 1

In order to find the angle θ, we need to convert sec θ in cos θ.


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1 sec 0= cose

Step 2

We have sec θ=3.02. Let us convert it in terms of cos θ.


Or you can type arcsec(3.02) in calculator and set the angle in degrees.


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sec e 3.02 1 = 3.02 cos e 1 cose= 3.02 cos 0.3311

Step 3

Now, we need to apply inverse...


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cose x 0 arc cos(x)


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