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How do you find Significant Figures?


How do you find Significant Figures?

Step 1

Significant figures: The digits having a meaning in a given number are calle...

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Q: 4. Copper is found in nature as two isotopes, 63Cu (69.0%) with a mass of 62.93 amu and 65Cu (31.0%)...

A: The average atomic mass of two isotopes can be calculated using the following expression:


Q: 1. (2×103g +7.613g)/(0.069cm3 - 0.033cm3) Carryout that operation as if it was the calculation of ex...

A: The given calculation is of division.The numerator part is addition and the denominator part is subt...


Q: m Food cts muifins cakes c rols doruts and so on nt hhot foodpetzels corn chips popcorn, cra epetabi...

A: Hi there! Since you have not specified which qustion to answer, so we are answering the first questi...


Q: Given a neutron in a box of length 1 angstroms. Calculate the energy of the ground state and the ene...

A: 1 Joule = 6.242 x 1018 eV.Energy for a particle in one dimensional box is given as follows, 


Q: How many C atoms are in 625 mol of sucrose?

A: One molecule of sucrose has 12 atoms of carbon, so the number of mol of carbon atom can be calculate...


Q: What is the change in entropy (positive, negative, or zero) for the system? H2O (l) --> H2O (s)

A: Entropy is the measure of randomness of the system.


Q: Distinguish Lewis acids and bases from Bronsted-Lowry acids and bases. (Select all that apply.) a)Le...

A: Click to see the answer


Q: 2. Aspirin is absorbed into the blood through the cells lining the stomach and the small intestine. ...

A: Part a)The pH inside the stomach is around 2.0 and pH of the small intestine is about 6.0. We have t...


Q: One mole of nitrogen (N2) is cooled from an initial temperature and pressure of 700 K and 10 bar to ...

A: At constant pressure by Kirchhoff law

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