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how do you say K2S?


how do you say K2S?

Step 1

The full name of the metallic element is given first, followed by a separate word co...

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Q: Calculate the value of K_eq from the following equilibrium concentrations:  [FeNCS2+]=1.56×10−4 M , ...

A: At equilibrium , the ratio of concentration of products to reactants (each raised to the power corre...


Q: How do I draw a Newman projection and understand the energy levels based on the projection

A: The structure of chemical compound can be represented as structural formula. A structural formula in...


Q: Draw the resonance forms for the intermediate generated by an electrophile adding to anisole. Consid...

A: The structures in which the connectivity of molecules is same bit electrons are free to move from on...


Q: If the temperature for one of the runs in 52 degrees celcius, what is the 1/temperature(K)y value th...

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Q: KINETICS AND EQUILIBRIUM Dariana Using an integrated rate law for a first-order reaction At a certai...

A: According to the integrated rate law, for a first order reaction change in the concentration of reac...


Q: Given a mass of 0.124 grams of oleic acid in a 10 mL oleic acid/pentane solution,what mass of oleic ...

A: First the concentration of solution made by using given grams in 10mL is determined.


Q: Given a neutron in a box of length 1 angstroms. Calculate the energy of the ground state and the ene...

A: 1 Joule = 6.242 x 1018 eV.Energy for a particle in one dimensional box is given as follows, 


Q: How does HCL react differently with burned and unburned magnesium? Does any produce a chemical chang...

A: The magnesium strip is burned in the flame of Bunsen burner.  It burns with a bright white light.  T...


Q: Reaction Molecularity Rate expression (a) HO + NO2 + ArHNO3 + Ar _________ (unimolecular, bimolecu...

A: The following reactions are given.

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