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How does Control differ from Organizing?


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  • Organizing in management is the implementation of action by the optimum utilization of resources to achieve the various aims.
  • It is a function of planning which involves the synchronization of human, physical, and financial resources.
  • It is the next course of action after a plan is being made to ensure that the plan comes into an actual result.
Step 2

Importance of organizing:

Organizing helps to:

  • Define proper authority and responsibility.
  • Clear overlapping of responsibilities.
  • Select the right person for the right job at the right time.
  • Bring harmony to
  • Provision of appropriate training facilities.
  • Develop an effective communication channel.
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  • Controlling in management is the process of monitoring and checking the process of a course of action and giving appropriate feedback.
  • Controlling is an end function that comes into action when the performance is made in conformity with the plans.
  • Control is dynamic in nature and requires change...

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