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How many grams of BaCO3 could be made from reacting 500. mL of a 1.20 M Na2CO3 solution
with excess Ba(NO3)2 solution?
Given: Na2CO3 (aq) + Ba(NO3)2 (aq)  2 NaNO3 (aq) + BaCO3 (s)


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Given that 500m L of 1.20 M Na2CO3 reacts with excess of Ba(NO3)2 soluti...


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Na CO, (aq)+Ba (NO3), (aq)->2NANO, (aq)+BaCO; (s) 1 molNa,CO3 produces >1 mol BaCO No.of moles Volume (L Molarity= No.of moles of Na,CO, MolarityxVolume(L) =1.20Mx0.5L 0.6mol No.of moles ofB aCO-0.6mol


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