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How many grams of ethanol (CH3CH2OH) are there in a 0.2814 mol sample?


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Step 1

It is given that there are 0.2814 moles of ethanol (CH3CH2OH).


Step 2

Molar mass of a substance is sum of atomic masses of all the individual atoms present in it. Mole is the amount of the substance that contains the same number of particles or atoms or molecules.

Number of moles can be expressed in terms of given mass and molar mass as follows:

Given mass
Molar mass

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Given mass n= Molar mass

Step 3

Molar mass of ethanol (CH3CH2OH) should be ...

Molar mass of ethanol= 2(Mass of C) + 6(Mass of H) +Mass of O
2(12.01 g/mol) + 6(1.00 g/mol) 15.99 g/mol
= (24.02 6.00 15.9)g/mol
46.01 g/mol

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Molar mass of ethanol= 2(Mass of C) + 6(Mass of H) +Mass of O 2(12.01 g/mol) + 6(1.00 g/mol) 15.99 g/mol = (24.02 6.00 15.9)g/mol 46.01 g/mol


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