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How many moles of water were lost if the amount of water lost was 0.378 grams?  Do not include units and assume three significant figures in all numbers.  Be sure to include the zero before the decimal if the number is less than one.


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Step 1

The moles of water that were lost if the amount of water lost was 0.378 grams are to be calculated.

Step 2

The number of moles of a substance is defined as the mass of that substance divided by its molar mass.


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Number of Moles= Given mass Molar mass

Step 3

Given mass of water lost = 0.378 g



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.Moles of H,O lost = mass of H.O lost Molar mass of H,O 0.378 g 18.0 g/mol Moles of H,O lost 0.021


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