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How many possible isomers are there for 


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The given compound is dichloroethane.&n...

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Q: 1.65 g H2 is allowed to react with 10.0 g N2, producing 1.79 g NH3. What is the theoretical yield in...

A: The reaction between H2 and N2 is as follows,


Q: Does the pH level of orange juice change because of temperature.

A: An acidic substance is the substance that can give H+ ions. They are corrosive and sour in nature. O...


Q: When the partial pressure of helium gas above water is 1.14 atm, then according to Henry's Law, what...

A: The concentration of helium gas within the water can be calculated using the Henry’s law.


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A: Significant figures are the digits having a meaning in a given number.The number of decimal places i...


Q: please answer the questions given. thank you

A: The Rydberg equation for determining the wavelength of light is given by


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A: The activation energy for the reaction with given line graph is determined by using equation -Ea= sl...


Q: copper full electron configuration Is copper paramagnetic or diamagnetic

A: Atomic number of copper is 29.


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A: The term density refers to the ratio of mass to the volume of given substance. The mathematical form...


Q: O KINETICS AND EQUILIBRIUM Dariana Using the Arrhen i us equation to calculate Ea from k versus T da...

A: Given:k1 = 8.3x108.k2 = 6.9x108.Temperature (T1) = 370.0 ℃ = 643 K.Temperature (T2) = 263.0 ℃ = 536 ...