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How many types of boranes does boron forms?


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Step 1

Boranes are the compounds containing boron and hydrogen atoms. These types of compounds can be classified into five categories named as closo-boranes, nido-boranes, arachno-boranes, hypho-boranes and conjuncto-boranes.

Step 2

Closo-boranes are the compounds which forms a cage like structure having general formula BnHn2-.

Nido-boranes are the compounds which forms a nest like structure having general formula BnHn4-.

Arachno-boranes are the compounds which forms a spider’s web like structure having general formula BnHn6-.

Step 3

Hypho-boranes are the compounds which forms a net like structure having general formula BnHn8-.

Conjuncto-boranes are the structures which are formed by...

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