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How much water is stored after 5 minutes in each of the tanks on Example 9.5 (Page 303) if the volume of each tank is 14 cubic meters? Assume the density of water is 1000 kg/cubic meter.


Note the intake for both tanks is 2 kg/s


Expert Answer

Step 1

Given Information:

Intake of water in both of the tank = 2 kg/s

Volume of each tank = 14 m3

Density of water 1000 kg / m3

Step 2

Case 1: There is only intake of water in tank.


Image Transcriptionclose

2 kg/s (а)

Step 3

Net weight of water stored in the tank...


Image Transcriptionclose

weight of water stored in the tank after 5 min = Rate of intake x time kg =2 x 5 min -2 x5 x 60 kg =600 kg


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