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how to calculate GDP


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Step 1



Gross domestic product (GDP) is the sum of all finished goods and services ...

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Q: Low interest rates means low inflation which means depreciated currency. This stimulates businessmen...

A: Firstly, we need to understand the interest rate mechanism. When there is low inflation, it will be ...


Q: 6.Which of the following are short-run and which are long-run adjustments? LO3 a.Wendy’s builds a ne...

A: Short run: Short run refers to a time period which does not allow a change in the capital to adjust ...


Q: Use the table to answer the questions. Round your answers to the nearest cent. Country A Country Cou...

A: a.)GDP per capita for country A:GDP per capita for country A can be calculated as follows:


Q: If the Marginal Propensity to Consume (MPC) is .90, estimate the total (multiplied) effect of govern...

A: Multiplier:Multiplier can be calculated as follows:


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A: a. The quality of education increasesWhen the quality of life increases, the PPC will shift outward ...


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A: Production technologies or production function defines a relationship between the output and inputs....


Q: thank you

A: Answer 1:Here, it given that, Y1 = $40 K, Y2 = $60 K, Q1 = 24 boxes, and Q2 = 6 boxeswhere Y1, Y2 de...


Q: Table 1 Production Function and Demand for Labor Schedules Quantity of labor demanded ​(billion...

A: We are given the schedule for production function and labor demand and supply as follows:


Q: How do you figure out opertunity cost?

A: Opportunity cost refers to the cost of the next best alternative that is foregone.