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how to do conversions using dimentional analysis?


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Step 1

Dimensional analysis is a simple mathematical method for conver...

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Gas laws

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Q: How many GRAMS of manganese(II) are present in 3.94 grams of manganese(II) fluoride, MnF2 ?

A: Given:Mass of MnF2 = 3.94 g.Molar mass of MnF2 = 93 g/mol.Molar mass of Mn = 55 g/mol.


Q: Combustion: C2H6(g)+O2(g)--->(heat)_____________ do not include heat in your answer

A: Combustion of ethane gives carbon dioxide and water.


Q: A student was trying to prepare acetaminophen in the laboratory. She found a 1. melting point range ...

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Q: Write the symbol for the monatomic ion that has a charge of –1 and the condensed electron configurat...

A: An electronic configuration of an atom shows the distribution of electrons in different orbitals. Th...


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A: The balanced chemical equation for this reaction can be written asGiven information,Blue balls repre...


Q: are several different types of isotope notation. For example, a carbon isotope that has an atomic nu...

A: An element with atomic number Z and atomic mass A can be represented in the following form.


Q: One strategy for dealing with the acidification of lakes is to periodically add powdered limestone (...

A: The chemical reaction of carbonates and its equation 


Q: How many grams of strontium nitrate, Sr(NOs)2, are needed to prepare 3.40x 10'mL of a 0.925 M soluti...

A: Click to see the answer


Q: A water bath in a physical chemistry lab is 1.65 m1.65 m long, 0.770 m0.770 m wide, and 0.610 m0.610...

A: Given,Length of water bath = 1.65 mWidth of water bath = 0.770 mHeight of water bath = 0.610 mHeight...