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How to use phorshorus correctly in a Lewis Structure since it may have 10 + electrons? and how is that possible?


How to use phorshorus correctly in a Lewis Structure since it may have 10 + electrons? and how is that possible?

Step 1

The electrons present in the outermost shell of an atom are called valence electrons. These electrons take part in bond formation as well as in chemical reactions.

Step 2

In the formation of the chemical bond with the same or different elements, all elements tend to complete their octet configuration. It is known as Octet rule. The octet configuration (means 8 electrons in the valence shell of the bonded atom) can be achieved by either sharing of electrons to form a covalent bond or by the complete transfer of electrons that leads to the formation of an ionic bond.


Step 3

There are many compounds in which the bonded atoms do not follow the octet rule and may have more or less than 8 electrons after bonding.

If the central atom has more than 8...

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