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How to use ProstgreSQL in my local Java IDE using SSH tunneling?


How to use ProstgreSQL in my local Java IDE using SSH tunneling?

Step 1

So here we have to do three things,

1) first we need to create a SSH tunnel to the postgreSQL db but th tunneling should be a local one.

2) Second we need to access the DB using psql

3) We need to setup connectiopn parameter to connect.


Step 2

First thing is to create a SSH tunnel as below.

ssh -L 6666:db_hostname:5432 ssh_hostname@ssh_ipaddress -p ssh_portnumber

Here the -L specifies that we are using local SSH tunelling.
Step 3

Second is to ssh to the postgreSQL server and enter below command

psql -h db_hostname -U db_username db_name

here we are connecting to the host using ssh....

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