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how would i determine the concentration of carbonate anion (CO32-) in g per L of a solution if there was 10.00 mL aliquot that yields 0.7742g of calcium carbonate


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Step 1

Solution stoichiometry involves the calculation of concentration of solutions in the given conditions of volumes, moles etc.

Solution stoichiometry is mainly based on the calculation of moles and volumes. These two values are used to calculate the molarity of solution. The relation between moles, volume and molarity is as given below;


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Moles of solute Molarity volume of solution in L Mass of solute ing Molar mass of solute (g/mol) Moles

Step 2

 Mass of Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) =  0.7742 g

Volume of aliquot = 10.00 mL = 0.01 L

Molar mass of CaCO3 = 100.1 g/mol


Step 3

Calculate the moles of C...


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Mass of solute in g Moles Molar mass of solute (g/mol) 0.7742 g Moles 100.0 g/mol Moles 0.0077 moles


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