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How would I sketch the output waveform and calculate the frequency of a op-amp / signal generator?


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Step 1

Operational amplifier is a device which is linear and is capable of ideal DC amplification and is therefore is very commonly employed for conditioning of signals and for performing several mathematical operations. It is basically used for the amplification of voltage signals and is designed in a way that various components like resistors and capacitors are used as external feedback components in between the input and output terminals. The operation of the amplifier depends upon the configuration of the feedback loop.

Step 2

An op-amp is a device having three terminals. Two of these terminals are inputs with very high impedance, one of which is called inverting input which is marked with ‘minus’ sign (-) and other is called a non-inverting input, marked with ‘plus’ sign (+). Whereas, the third terminal of the op-amp is the output port which is capable of both sinking and sourcing either a current or a voltage.

Step 3

In case of linear op-amp, the output gain is the product of amplifier gain (A) and the value of input signal. This op-amp gain can be classified in four types based on the nature of input and the output signal as given below:

  1. Voltage – Voltage signal “in” and Voltage signal “out”.
  2. Current ...

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