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How would you prepare 10 mL of a 0.25% m/v HCl solution if 1% m/v HCl was available? How much 1% m/v HCl is needed? How much distilled water is used?


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Step 1

It is given that:

Volume (V1) of solution = 10 mL

Concentration of HCl solution (M1) = 0.25 %

Concentration of available solution of HCl (M2) = 1 %

Step 2

Law of equivalence states that the volume of titrants reacted have same number of equivalents points at the end point of titration. The expression for this is given as follows:

where, M,is the concentration of the solution
Vis the volume of solution
M2is the concentration of new solution
V,is the volume of new solution

Image Transcriptionclose

M,V MV where, M,is the concentration of the solution Vis the volume of solution M2is the concentration of new solution V,is the volume of new solution

Step 3

Now using law of equivalence equation, the volume o...

0.2510 mL1%xV
V2-2.5 mL

Image Transcriptionclose

MV,3м,V, 0.2510 mL1%xV V2-2.5 mL


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