Asked Oct 11, 2019

Howard is picking out some movies to rent, and he has narrowed down his selections to 44 children's movies, 77 comedies, 77 mysteries, and 55 horror films. How many different combinations of 99 movies can he rent if he wants all 44 children's movies?


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Step 1

Hello there, in the question digit has been repeated, it is appearing 66,55,44,77,99,55 to us. I have considered one and solved

Given data

Hello there, in the question digit has been repeated, it is appearing 44,77,77,55,99,44 to us. I have considered one and solved

Given data

 Children’s movies = 4

comedies = 7

Mysteries = 7

Horror films = 5

Total movies = 4+ 7 +7 + 5 = 23

Total movies Howard has to rent = 9 

Step 2

Howard has to rent 4 children movi...


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1 way Remaining movies he has to rent = 9 -4 = 5 Combinations for remaining movie is done in (23-4)-()11628 5 Total no of ways (x (1x 11628 11628 5


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