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Hydrochloric acid, the contents are 36.0% HCl by the mass and have a density of 1.18 g/mL. 

a) What is the molarity of concentrated HCl? 

b) What volume of it would you need to prepare 989 mL of 2.60 M HCl?

c) What mass of sodium bicarbonate would be needed to neutralize the spill of a bottle contaminated 1.75 L of concentrated HCl dropped on a lab floor and broke open?



Expert Answer

Step 1

Given :

Hydrochloric acid = 36.0% HCl by the mass i.e., 100 g of solution will contain 36 g of acid

Density = 1.18 g/mL

Therefore, 1L sample of solution:


Image Transcriptionclose

1000mL 1.18g 1.00L = 1180 g mL IL

Step 2

Numbers of grams of hydrochloric acid:


Image Transcriptionclose

36 g HC 1180g solution -424.8 g HCl 100g solution

Step 3

Number of moles...


Image Transcriptionclose

mole 424.8 g HCI -11.65mole HCl 36.46 g HC


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