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Hydrocholic acid (13.5 mL of 0.235 M) is added to 431.0 mL of 0.0790 M Ba(OH)2 solution. what is the concentration of the excess H+ or OH- ions left in this solution? assume that the volumes are additive. 


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Step 1

The moles of HCl and the Ba(OH)2 moles are first calculated....

2HCI + Ba(ОН),
—> ВаСl, + 2H,0
0.235 М 13.5 mL
н Moles
1000 mL
= 3.17x10 moles
Он Moles 0.0790 х431.0 mL
1000 L
0.0340 moles

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2HCI + Ba(ОН), —> ВаСl, + 2H,0 0.235 М 13.5 mL н Moles 1000 mL = 3.17x10 moles Он Moles 0.0790 х431.0 mL 1000 L 0.0340 moles


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