Asked Mar 22, 2020

I need a function that takes in a string& and returns a void that outputs a string with "my" at the beginning such as "Boat" becoming "my Boat".

Please help me with this problem using c++.


Expert Answer

Step 1: C++ Source Code

Note: Comments have been added in the source code itself to have a better understanding of the code.


//import the required package

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

//write the prototype of the function

void display(string &str);

//definition of the main function

int main()


    //declare the required variable

    string a;

    //prompt the user to enter a word

    cout<<"Enter a word:";

    //get the input from the user


    //cll the function



    return 0;


//end of the main function


//definition of the function

void display(string &str)


    //declare and initialize the variable

    string result="my";

    //display the result

    cout<<result<<" "<<str<<endl;


Step 2: Screenshot of the Code

Computer Science homework question answer, step 2, image 1


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