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I need help finding class boundaries midpoint and widths for the class. The class is 48-58. Please help I’m so confused!


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Step 1

The provided class is 48-58.

Here, class boundaries, mid-point and width for the class are required to be computed.

Step 2

Class boundaries are used to convert a discontinuous distribution into a continuous distribution.

The mentioned class of a frequency distribution is provided as 48-58. Determine the class boundary of the interval as shown below:

For the interval 48-58, the lower-class boundary is 48-0.5 = 47.5 and the upper-class boundary is 58+0.5 = 58.5

Step 3

In a frequency distribution, class width of an interval is the difference between the upper and low...


Image Transcriptionclose

Class width Upper class boundary -Lower class boumdary 58.5-47.5 11


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