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I was how to mate homozygous dominant X homozygous recessive

F1 genotype-

phenotype -   


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Step 1

The allele combination of a gene present in an organism determines the genotype and phenotype. The genotype is the specific allele combination of a gene and the physical manifestation of the genotype is known as phenotype. An organism with two copies of same dominant allele is homozygous dominant and the organism with two copies of same recessive alleles is homozygous recessive. Heterozygous genotype consists of two different alleles of a gene.

Step 2

Let’s assume the trait as seed shape.

Alleles are as follows:

  • Round- RR
  • Wrinkled- rr

The cross between homozygous dominant and homozygou...


Image Transcriptionclose

R Rr Rr r Rr Rr r


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