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 Identify each component within blood. Describe how each component performs its function(s).

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Blood is a fluid tissue that circulates around the body through the blood vessels. Blood performs many important functions namely, it transports oxygen, nutrients, hormones to all other body tissues, and it regulates the pH, temperature, and water content of cells.

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Blood is composed of two main components:

  1. Plasma (fluid component)
  2. Formed elements – RBC, WBC, and platelets.
Step 3


Plasma is the fluid portion of blood, composed of 90% water and the remaining 10% is made up of ions, proteins, nutrients, dissolved gases, and wastes.

Functions of plasma:

  • Plasma maintains the body’s fluid balance.
  • Transport nutrients, waste products, hormones, and dissolved gases.
  • The proteins of plasma play a role in clotting, defense, and transport.
  • Proteins are the important reserve of amino acids for cell nutrition.
  • Plasma proteins act as a carrier for other molecules.
  • Proteins maintain the blood pH, helps to keep it as slightly basic.
  • ...

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