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Identify external sources of energy that are used by microbes, as well as energy carriers and other immediately available sources of energy that that microbial cells use for growth processes.


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Carbon, energy, and electrons are the three essential requirements for the growth of all microbes. Based on these sources, specific terms are used to define organisms. Prokaryotes are classified into different groups depending on their energy and carbon source. Some of the groups are photoautotrophs, photoheterotrophs, chemoautotrophs, and chemoheterotrophs.

Step 2

The two major external sources of energy that are used by microbes are light energy and chemical energy. The microbes and other organisms use the light energy coming from the sun and chemical energy that comes from either organic or inorganic chemicals.

Based on energy sources, the organisms are classified as follows:

  • Phototrophs: Phototrophs are the organisms that use light as their energy sources.
  • Chemotrophs: Chemotrophs are the organisms that use energy from the oxidation of either organic or inorganic chemicals.
Step 3

Based on carbon sources, the organisms are classified as follows:

  • Autotrophs: Autotrophs are organisms that use CO2 as a principle or sole c...

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