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Identify the lease classifications for lessors and the criteria that must be met for each classification. What is the relevance of revenue recognition criteria for lessor accounting for leases?


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Lease: A contractual agreement for an asset between two parties. The parties involved are lessee and lessor. Lessor in lease is the owner of leased asset and lessee is a tenant who takes the asset on lease for a lease payment per period.

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Lease classifications for lessor:


Lease are classified as - Finance lease

- Operating lease


Standard conditions for leases:


- Transfer of ownership of lease property to the lessee.

- Lease term should be equal to 75% or more for estimated economic life of leased asset.

- Present value of lease payments should equal or more than 90% of fair value of lease property

- Lease agreement containing a bargain purchase option.


A lease should satisfy certain conditions for qualifying to be a finance lease. If a lease satisfies any three of the above conditions. Then such lease is classified as finance lease. If a lease...

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