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If 0.60 g of a gas occupies 300mL at 27°C and 630mm Hg of pressure, what is the molar mass of the gas?



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Step 1

Given that,

Mass of the gas=0.60 g

Volume of the gas=300mL


P= 630mmHg

Step 2

We know that PV=nRT

Where n is the number of mole

Firstly you calculate the no. of mole


Image Transcriptionclose

PV n= RT P-630mmHg 0.83atm T 300K V 300mL 300x 103L L.atm R-0.081 molK 0.83atm 300x10'L L.atm 0.0821- x300K molK -10.097x103mole

Step 3

Now you calculate the molar mass of th...


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given mass given mass molar mass given mass molar mass given mass 0.60g 10.097x10 L =59.42g mol


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