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If 2.21 grams of strontium combines with 1.79 grams of chlorine to form a chloride, calculate the percent composition of the compound.


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Step 1

If 2.21 grams of strontium combines with 1.79 grams of chlorine to form a chloride, the percent composition of the compound is to be calculated.

Step 2

Write the chemical equation of reaction between strontium and chlorine-

Strontium and chlorine reacts to form strontium chloride (SrCl2).


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Sr (s) Cl, (g) SrCl, (s)

Step 3

Determine the moles of each reactant present.

Mass of Sr = 2.21 g

Molar mass of Sr = 87...


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Given mass of Sr 2.21 g Moles of Sr -=0.025 87.62 g/mol Molar mass of Sr 1.79 g Given mass of Cl Moles of Cl 0.050 35.45 g/mol Molar mass of Cl


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