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if 2.50ml of NO2 gas eompletely conveted to N2O4 gas under the same conditions what volume will the N2O4 occupy? 

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All matter can be classified as solid, liquid and gases mainly. In these physical states of matter, the solid state is composed of particles with least intermolecular distance and strongest intermolecular force of attraction. On the contrary, the gaseous state of matter is composed of particles with largest intermolecular distance and weakest intermolecular force of attraction. The liquid state of matter exhibits the intermediate properties of them.

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The gaseous state is the state of matter with least intermolecular force of attraction between molecules and highest kinetic energy. The standard properties of gases like Pressure, volume, and temperature can be calculated with the help of ideal gas equation.

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The ideal gas equation c...

P x V nx R x T
P Pressure
V volume
T temperature
R gas
constant 0.08314 L.atm/K.mol
n moles of gas

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P x V nx R x T Here: P Pressure V volume T temperature R gas constant 0.08314 L.atm/K.mol n moles of gas


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