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If 200 mL of some Pb(NO3)2 solution is mixed with 500 mL of 3.50 x 10−2 M NaCl solution, what is the maximum concentration of the Pb(NO3)2 solution added if no solid PbCl2 forms? (Assume Ksp = 2.00 x 10−5 M at this temperature.) Enter the concentration in M.


(Figure out the new concentration of Cl ions, after adding the two solutions, then calculate the unknown concentration from the Ksp equation)

((The answer is not 0.032))


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Step 1

The initial concentration of Pb(NO3)2 is taken as x M. Then the concentration of Pb2+ in the solution is determined as given.

Step 2

The initial concentration of NaCl is 3.50× 10-2 M. Then the concentration of Cl- in the solution is determined as given.

Step 3

Concentration of Pb(NO3)2 solution added can be calculated from the ex...


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