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if 2Hl gas ----H2 gas +l2 gas,What is the equilibrim constant Kc,if at equilibrium [H2] =6.50x10^-5 M and [l2]=1.06x10^-5M and [Hl] =1.87x10^-5 ?


if 2Hl gas ----H2 gas +l2 gas,What is the equilibrim constant Kc,if at equilibrium [H2] =6.50x10^-5 M and [l2]=1.06x10^-5M and [Hl] =1.87x10^-5 ?

Step 1

For the reaction given, the equilibrium constant is to be determined and the concentration of different species at equilibrium is given as,

[H2] = 6.5 x 10-5 M

[I2] = 1.06 x 10-5 M

[HI] = 1.87 x 10-5 M

Step 2

The equilibrium constant expression for the g...


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