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if a 1.000 L bottle of water cost 134 Euros and the exchange rate is 1 Euro= $1.33, what is the cost in dollars for 8.000 fluid ounces of the bottle of water?


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Step 1

Unit conversion  is a means converting between the units of same quantity. Different units of a particular quantity are related through conversion factors. For example, 1 L = 1000 mL. '

In this, both mL and L are the units for volume and 1000 is the conversion factor. 

Step 2

As per question, 

Cost of 1.000 L bottle of water = 134 Euros

To convert it into dollars, the given exchange rate is 1 Euro = $ 1.33 

Cost of 1.000 L of bottle in dollars can be calculated as below:

Step 3

Now, the cost in dollars is required for a bottle  containing 8.000 fluid ounce of water while the cost calculated is for 1.000 L of water.

Both L and fluid ounce are the units of volume.

The conve...

Cost of 1.000 L water in dollars $178.22
1.000 L
Cost of 8.000 fluid ounce of water in dollars = 8.000 fluid ounce>
1.000 L 33.814 fluid ounce
= S42.165

Image Transcriptionclose

Cost of 1.000 L water in dollars $178.22 $178.22 1.000 L Cost of 8.000 fluid ounce of water in dollars = 8.000 fluid ounce> 1.000 L 33.814 fluid ounce = S42.165


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