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If A and B are events such that​P(A)equals=0.60 and P(A∪​B)equals=0.70​, find​ P(B) when​(a) A and B are mutually​ exclusive;​(b) A and B are independent.

If A and B are events such that
​P(A)equals=0.60 and P(A∪​B)equals=0.70​, find​ P(B) when
​(a) A and B are mutually​ exclusive;
​(b) A and B are independent.
Step 1

(a)If events A and B are mutually exclusive events, then, P (A or B) = P(A)+ P(B).

Or, P(B) = P (A or B) – P(A).

Substitute, P (A or B) ...

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