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If a maximum impact resistance were desired in a part, which material properties would you look for?
Ductility and a large modulus of toughness
The highest Young and a large modulus of rigidity

Expert Answer

Step 1

Impact resistance is defined as the strength required to break a specimen into parts. It can be achieved by elongation which breaks the working sample into micro parts.

This is done by without changing the physical properties of the metal. Impact resistance is related to the ductility property of the material while studying the BCC structure.

Step 2

Toughness is the property of material which tells about the amount of resistance offered to impact load acting on the specimen. Impact is referred as an energy which is required to break a material into pieces. The higher toughness value tells about a material resistance to the impact load.

Step 3

Indentation test of material tells about the resistance offered by hardness of the material. It is suggested that the indenting material should have a higher value of hardness than the sample material.


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